Undergraduate teaching at the University of Edinburgh:

Course organiser for Honours modules:

  • Madness and Society since c.1830 (forthcoming in 2017/18)
  • Sex and Society since c.1830 (forthcoming in 2017/18)
  • Scottish Politics since 1906 (2016/17)

Research supervision:

  • I have supervised dissertations on wide-ranging topics in British twentieth century social, cultural and political history. I welcome proposals from students who would like to work on an aspect of nineteenth or twentieth century urban history, or histories of geography and science, including (but not limited to!) medicine, technology and exploration.

Contributions (lectures and tutorials) to pre-Honours modules:

  • British Society, c.1650-2000 (lectures on technology, communication, maps, empire, and population; four years of tutoring experience)
  • Modern Scottish History, and Scottish History since 1914 (lectures on cities, urban planning, gender and education)
  • The History of Edinburgh: Din Eidyn to Festival City (lectures on power in the built environment, verticality, the insanitary city, public health in the twentieth century)
  • Economic History 2.1: The Global Economy (lectures on digital humanities skills, focusing on mapmaking and data visualisation)

Pathway and seminar design:

  • History in Theory: ‘Space and Place’ pathway. This is a specialised set of tutorials allowing students to explore historical themes from a geographical perspective. We drew maps, talked about ‘ruin lust‘, unpicked Foucault and de Certeau, and much more. (2016/17, to be repeated in 2017/18)

Peer support and training:

  • I have run sessions on teaching skills for postgraduate students who are new to teaching. A recent workshop, with Felicity Loughlin, looked at practical strategies for bringing sensory sources into the classroom.


Other teaching:

Ohio University Summer School (May 2016; June 2017)

In 2016, I ran a workshop, Mapping the City: Spatial Knowledge, Urban Governance, and Local Industry, for visiting students from Ohio University, including a site visit to Edinburgh’s Georgian House and a guided walk around the New Town. In 2017, I reprised my workshop and was responsible for co-ordinating the summer school.

Sutton Trust Summer School (July 2016; July 2017)

In 2016, I planned and delivered two afternoon workshops (collaborating with Freya Gowrley) to a group of fifteen school pupils, aged 16-17, from a range of backgrounds. These workshops were project-based: students produced mini documentary films about historic sites around Edinburgh. The sessions included a guided walk around the sites prior to starting work on the films. In 2017, I was Acting Director of the History department’s contribution to STSS. Freya and I ran these sessions again, and delivered morning workshops. I taught sessions on the Victorian city, and understanding medical history through warfare.