I’m currently studying for a PhD in Economic and Social History at Edinburgh University. My background is in urban history, and my PhD is about the printing and publishing industries in Edinburgh c.1880-1920, with a focus on mapmakers and the development of spatial knowledge. I’ve spent many happy hours researching cartographic history in the National Library of Scotland’s wonderful Bartholomew Archive. You can find out more about my PhD on the Research page of this site.

I started this blog in 2011. As a keen student arts journalist, I needed a way to showcase my writing. When I started my postgraduate research at the University of Edinburgh, I swapped my basement newspaper office for a desk in the History department’s building – the incredible Old Medical School – but I do gladly take commissions when I have time, and I’m especially keen to bring my academic work to a wider audience. During the first year of my PhD, I worked on a project called At Home in Scotland: Stories of Place, which provided storytelling training (and more!) for researchers, helping them communicate their research in an accessible manner. The At Home in Scotland blog, which I managed, ran from May to September 2014, with weekly posts reflecting on research, stories, and public engagement.

In the summer of 2015 I curated an exhibition, PACE: Walking by Design, at Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh. You can find out more about this work on the Exhibitions page of this site.

I currently write regular book reviews and exhibition reviews for Aesthetica. I’ve also written for the Scottish Book Trust, Fest, The Oyster’s Earrings, and The Music Factory, as well as having served as Editor-in-chief, Art editor, and Music editor of The Student, Edinburgh University’s student newspaper.

Come and chat with me on Twitter: I’m @AnnaFeintuck. You can also find me posting pictures of urban explorations and Scottish landscapes on Instagram, where I’m @anna_j_f.

I love cycling, early mornings, maps (of course), talking to beagles, and chai tea.






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