Album of the Day: Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Every day for the rest of December I’ll be recommending some music for your ears – or maybe it could serve as something of a Christmas gift guide. It’ll be a mix of classic albums, neglected gems and new bits of gorgeousness.

If you’d just heard lead single “Honey Bunny”, you’d be forgiven for expecting this album to be a riff-driven slice of sub-three minute pop songs – which Girls are spectacularly good at. There’s more than that here, however, with other standout tracks such as “Myma” and “How Can I Say I Love You” showing that the band can bring their customary panache to mopey melancholia as well as danceable garage rock.

These two songs are polar opposites, and show the remarkable extent of Girls’ talent:

The latter track was dubbed “skinnyblondsadmusik” by my pal Marcus, a genre so utterly fitting that I plan to appropriate the phrase for my own uses wherever possible.


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