I’m Anna. I’m studying for a PhD in Economic and Social History at Edinburgh University. My background is in urban history, and my PhD is about the printing and publishing industries in Edinburgh c.1840-1950, with a focus on mapmakers and the development of spatial knowledge. In 2014, I’ve largely been carrying out research in the National Library of Scotland’s wonderful Bartholomew Archive.

I started this blog in 2011 – as a keen student arts journalist, I needed a way to showcase my writing. Nowadays I spend more time in archives than at exhibitions, but I do gladly take commissions when I have time, and I’m especially keen to bring my academic work to a wider audience. I’ve recently been working on a project called At Home in Scotland: Stories of Place, which has provided storytelling training (and more!) for researchers, helping them communicate their research in an accessible manner. The At Home in Scotland blog, which I managed, ran from May to September 2014, with weekly posts reflecting on research, stories, and public engagement.

I’ve previously written for Fest (for whom I’m also a former web editor), Aesthetica, The Oyster’s Earrings, Dauphin, and The Music Factory, as well as having served as Editor-in-chief, Art editor, and Music editor of The Student, Edinburgh University’s student newspaper.

Come and chat with me on Twitter: I’m @AnnaFeintuck.

I love 90s lo-fi, early mornings, maps (of course), and chai tea.



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